Mystery photo – what is this?

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Came across this item recently, can anyone work out what it is? Thanks to Steve Harris for bringing it along to the Hospital

Mystery object



  1. Tim Goosey says:

    I looks to me like some sort of medieval torture device or perhaps a chastidy belt! However I think given the shape and the position of the pointy things, its a tool for undertaking the procedure of a leucotomy. I wonder if they used an anasthetic?

  2. Admin says:

    Hi Tim

    Thanks for your suggestion, anyone else able to add more information?


  3. Laura says:

    What does the maker mark say. I could run a check throught the Science Museum database and see if we have anything similar,


  4. Admin says:

    Hi Laura

    Thanks for your comment. On checking my photos I think it just says “Medical Supply Sheffield”. Next time I am in Whitchurch – the end of the week – I will check it again to be sure and let you know.



  5. Admin says:

    Hi Laura

    I have checked the mystery object and there are no extra markings on it. I am not sure if the mark is a maker’s mark: “Medical Supply Sheffield”
    Let us know if you find any more information


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