Tenders and Contracts

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Tenders are Invited for the following:-

Schedule No.

3. Cotton and Linen Goods.

4. Furniture.

5. Women’s Clothing.

6. Men’s Clothing.

7. Cutlery and Plate.

8. Mattresses and Pillows.

9. Floor Coverings.

10. Haberdashery.

11. Blankets and Table Coverings.

12. Rubber Goods.

13. Attendants’ Clothing.

14. Boots.

15. Nurses and Domestic Staffs’ Uniform Material.

16. Window Blinds and Fittings.

17. Brushes, Brooms, Baskets, &c.

18. Linoleum, Cork Carpets, and Cork Mats.

19. Hardware.

Forms of Tender and Contract (containing usual fair wage clause of the Cardiff Corporation), and Schedules of Items, may be had at my Office on or after the 13th May, 1907. Each Tender must be delivered to me, in a separate envelope, on or before the 10th June, 1907, sealed and endorsed with the number and heading of the Schedule to which it relates.

Persons Tendering must submit the names of Two Sureties for approval.

J.L.WHEATLEY, Town Clerk. City-hall, Cardiff.

From the Red book of Newspaper Cuttings and Advertisments, Jan 1908-Nov 1915


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