Medical Superintendent – Dr. Thomas J. Hennelly

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Dr. Thomas J. Hennelly took up post as Medical Superintendent after being Deputy to his predecessor, Dr. Peter McCowan.

Two years later the World War II broke out and the hospital was once again taken over by the War Office for the treatment of military casualties.

A reduced service was retained for the mentally ill.

In the brave new world that followed the war, the Whitchurch Hospital became absorbed into the National Health Service in 1948.  The hospital fell under the direction of the new Whitchurch and Ely Hospital Management Committee, many of whom had been members of the old Visiting Committee.

Dr. Hennelly, who had assumed the NHS title of ‘Physician Superintendent’, wrote these words at the time:

‘In a changing world…we need hardly fear that the transfer of ownership will be in any degree revolutionary or that for a long time, such is the state of the world, the shortage of beds and of medical personnel, any great improvement in medical services will result.’

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  1. Dermot Hennelly says:

    My daughter sent me this site. I would be very interested in any more information you might have about my father.

    I live in Montreal, but visited Velindre last spring to see my birthplace before they tore it down.

    Dermot Hennelly

  2. Admin says:


    Thank you for your comment, did you come to the Centenary in 2008, I met your sister then? Did you take photos when you visited Velindre grange last year? We have some information on the website as you have seen regarding your father, I guess you could tell us much more than we know. If you have have memories, photos etc, you would be happy to share please get in touch.

    Great to hear from you

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