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Excellent Report from Commissioners

The Cardiff Mental Hospital Committee, meeting at the institution at Whitchurch yesterday afternoon, under the chairmanship of Councillor Morgan Thomas, had the satisfaction of hearing an excellent report concerning the institution from the Lunacy Commissioners. The committee first, however, gave consideration to the estimates for the ensuing year. The total amount required is £6,085, the principal item being £2,879 for maintenance of city patients. Last year the total amount required was £5,253. Last year the total amount required was £5,253. The estimate was approved less £110 taken from an amount of £210 put down for alterations to buildings. The report of the Lunacy Commissioners (Messrs S. J. Fraser Macleod and E. Marriott Cooke), after speaking of the great difficulties of the organisation, and administration of such an institution made reference to the energy and capacity displayed by those responsible for the direction of the asylum. Although the institution was opened as recently as May, 1908, they found everything in an admirable state of efficiency. Only two complaints were received, and each upon investigation proved groundless. On the other hand there were many expressions of gratitude for the kindness and attention that had been shown them by the medical and nursing staffs.

Since July, 1909, there had been 95 admissions, 59 discharges or renewals, 37 instances of recovery, and 38 deaths. There remain in the institution 343 males and 328 females, of whom 16 are private and 12 out county patients. The maintenance charges per head per week are:- Home patients, 13s 11/2d; out county patients, 14s; private patients, 21s. All the deaths were due to natural causes, and there had been no serious casualty. The general health of the institution is at present good.

The Commissioners commended the committee upon the departure of adding a pathological chemist to the medical staff for the purpose of facilitating research work.

From the S W Daily News January 28 1910


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