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Yesterday morning we had another group visit by Dr Tracey Loughran, lecturer in History at Cardiff University, this time with some second year History students.

We made a start with Tim’s talk on the history of Whitchurch with Dr Ian Beech also sharing his knowlege with the group.

Tim's presentation

Ian telling us about the Dr Goodall years

I then gave a presentation on the history of drug treatments in psychiatry.

The group


Ian in full flow

We then moved from the old West ward to the main hall where we heard about the concerts that used to take place and saw the future plans for accommodation.

The weather was fantastic so we finished off the morning with a tour around the outside of the hospital

Thank you to all who came along and those who helped make it another great visit.






  1. Tracey Loughran says:

    Thanks so much for hosting our visit – it was a fascinating day, and we really enjoyed it.

  2. Flora says:

    Thank you for showing us around the hospital on Wednesday. The talks were highly informative and very interesting.

  3. Admin says:

    Hi Tracey

    Thanks you so much for your kind comment. We enjoyed your visit too



  4. Admin says:

    Hi Flora

    Thank you for your comment, first student 🙂 Glad you enjoyed


  5. Sophie says:


    Had a brilliant time it was great to be able to really get a feel of what we are studying.

    Thankyou for having us it was really interesting

  6. Becky says:

    I really enjoyed the visit on Wednesday, thank you for taking the time to show us around. The talk was very interesting and gave me more of an insight into the subject. Thanks again, Becky.

  7. Admin says:

    Hi Sophie

    Thank you for your kind comments, so pleased that you enjoyed your visit to Whitchurch


  8. Admin says:

    Hi Becky
    Thank you for your comments, it was a real pleasure to show you around Whitchurch. Great that you enjoyed and found it interesting.


  9. Luccy says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to show us around the hospital, it was very interesting and gave an excellent insight outside of the classroom

  10. Lucy says:

    Thankyou very much for hosting the visit. It was very informative and enjoyable and provided great insight into the subject.

  11. Admin says:

    Hi Luccy

    Thank you for your comments, glad you found it of benefit to your studies



  12. Admin says:

    Hi Lucy

    Thank you for your comments, it is great to have feedback.


  13. Jessica says:

    Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us, the day was extremely interesting and thought-provoking. A great experience.

  14. Admin says:

    Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your comments. It is such a pleasure to show enthusiastic gropus, like you guys were, around and share some of the history of Whitchurch.


  15. Jazz says:

    Really interesting trip. Learning about the hospital in depth really gave me an insight into the way asylums operate/have operated in the past. Seeing the old building helped me to visualise the living conditions of patients in the past and the tour and the talks were very informative. Thanks very much.

  16. Admin says:

    Hi Jazz

    Thank you for your comments, really glad it was a worth while trip.


  17. Lucy P says:

    Thank you to everyone who talked to us on the Wednesday, was a very interesting trip and I thoroughly enjoyed it 🙂

  18. Emma says:

    Thank you very much for the lecture and tour of the hospital. It was very interesting and really helps put our university lectures into context and helps create a picture of what it was really like. Thank you!

  19. Admin says:

    Hi Lucy

    Thank you for your comments, I will pass them on


  20. Admin says:

    Hi Emma

    Thank you for your comments, glad it gave a some context to your studies.


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