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University of Glamorgan History Students visit Whitchurch

February 4th, 2012

Yesterday morning (3rd of February) we had a group visit from Dr Fiona Reid, Deputy Head of Humanities at Glamorgan University and 3rd year BA History students organised by Dr Ian Beech, Tim Goosey and Gwawr Faulconbridge.
The weather was fantastic so Ian shared much of the information in the fresh open air. We had a look at one of the rooms that used to be used for visitors and sat in the Boardroom and heard about the meetings the visiting committee held there.

We then saw a very interesting old contraption, thanks to Bob Bosley,  please see photo and leave a comment if you know what it was used for.
We then visited the main hall where many shows used to be  organised for staff and patients. Tim explained the room mock ups in the hall  and reflected on how things have changed over the years.

Students listen to Ian

Outside the main entrance of Whitchurch

What is this?


Signing our Visitors Book

We then went up to W1A to finish off the morning with a presentation from  Tim looking at an overview of the last 100 years and the history of drug treatments from Gwawr. Memories of Whitchurch were shared by Greg and Lynne from the  Historical Society.
It was a great morning and such a pleasure to welcome the group to Whitchurch Hospital Thanks to all who came along and to everyone that helped

Visit to Whitchurch Hospital

November 5th, 2010

Yesterday afternoon (3rd of November) we had a group visit by Tracey Loughran, lecturer in History at Cardiff University and runs an undergraduate module called ‘Managing the Mind: Psychiatry and Psychology in British Culture, 1800-2000’. We started with a tour of the outside of the Hospital followed by some areas inside – the lovely main hall and one of the closed wards. We then had a talk that Tim had prepared, see photo, which was an overview of the history of the Hospital since 1908 and an opportunity for questions.

It was a great afternoon and such a pleasure to welcome the group to Whitchurch Hospital. Thanks to all who helped.