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City of Cardiff. The Mental Hospital. Third Annual Report for the Year 1910

June 3rd, 2014
Third Annual Report 1910

Third Annual Report

Third Annual Report

Third Annual Report



EDWIN GOODALL, M.D.Lond., B.S., F.R.C.P., M.R.C.S.




ROBERT VINER STANFORD, Ph.D.Kiel., M.Sc.Birm., B.Sc.Lond.






J.L. WHEATLEY (Town Clerk).


JOHN ALLCOCK, F.S.A.A., (City Treasurer and Controller).



Committee of Visitors

For the Year ending 31st December, 1910;

Settled at a Meeting of the Committee held at the Mental

Hospital on the 25th day of May, 1911, in pursuance

of section 190 of the Lunacy Act, 1890.

State and Condition of the Institution.

The maintenance of the Institution continues to be entirely satisfactory. The equipment and fabric have both been kept in thorough order and repair.

The laying out of the ornamental grounds, including the approach-drive has been completed. The exercising gardens of the patients and the other ornamental grounds are well provided with trees and shrubs, so that it will in future only be necessary to maintain them at their existing standard.

The kitchen-garden is able to maintain a satisfactory supply of vegetables to the patients and staff: the articles supplied, as also the produce from the farm, are detailed in the report of the Medical Superintendent. The farm and garden account shows a credit balance.

Amongst the more important work carried out by the staff of the Institution are the making of a road for heavy traffic from the entrance to the Steward’s Yard, whereby the Avenue of the Entrance is spared; the equipment of the Chemical Research Laboratory, with the necessary fixtures, benches, tables, cupboards, fume-and-combustion chambers, steam, water and gas services, extraction fan and motors; installation of telephone services from the main building to the farm; erection of a potato house; fixing baths for warm bath treatment in the general spray-bath rooms; installation of high-frequency electric plant for treatment; repairs to Velindre Lodge,  which is now habitable and rented to one of the Attendants; installation of brush-making plant in one of the shops; fixing additional hydro extractor in the laundry; erection of a second weaving loom in the upholsterer’s shop to enable cloth-making to be carried out on a larger scale.

The various workshops are found capable of dealing efficiently with the work of the Institution.

The main farm road from the entrance lodge remains to be completed, and a road to the farm from the main building has still to be made.

The underground cables for telephonic communication and for fire-alarm purposes to the houses of the resident officials have been found to work unsatisfactorily, and have been partially replaced by overhead wires, a work which is in process of completion.

Accommodation Provided and Available.

Third Annual Report

Third Annual Report

On April 1st, 1911, 39 female patients were received from the Salop and Montgomery Asylum on contract with the Montgomery County Council at charge of 13/5 per head per week.

The average number daily resident during the year was 682 as against 673 in 1909, or an increase of only 9 (3 males and 6 females), which is satisfactory.

The keeping down of the numbers is mainly due to the high recovery rate (46.7% – 40% for males, 56% for females), associated with the fact that the period of detention has been short in a large proportion of cases, as shown in the report of the Medical Superintendent. Less than 8% returned and remained of discharges in 1908-1910 inclusive. The period is in the nature of things, still a short one. As many patients as possible have also been sent out relieved to the care of their friends. There can be no doubt that this, the chief aim and object of the Mental Hospital, is promoted by the provision of a liberal scientific equipment and facilities in laboratories and clinical apparatus, and encouragement of workers competent to use such. Bu such means high medical, and, reflexly, nursing ideals are fostered and stimulated, and it is upon the maintenance of these that the promotion of recovery is mainly based.

The above is an extract from the annual report written by Morgan Thomas, Chairman of the Visiting Committee

City of Cardiff. The Mental Hospital. First Annual Report for the Year 1908

April 16th, 2011
First Annual Report

First Annual Report

First Page

First Page

List of Officers

List of Officers

Annual Report of the Committee of Visitors

At the Meeting of the Committee of Visitors, held at the Mental Hospital on the 27th May, 1909, the following Annual Report to the City Council was drawn up in accordance with Section 190 of the Lunacy Act, 1890.

State and Condition of the Institution

At the date of this report the Mental Hospital has been in working for a little over one year. The building contractors (Messrs. William King and Son, Westminster) removed from the premises about two months ago, but the committee is in communication with the Architects as to the completion and making good of certain defects.


It has, however, been found that in order efficiently to heat at any time certain of the Male Wards which face eastwards, and to heat any of the wards on the first floor during the prevalence of sharp east winds, a very large consumption of steam coal, with continuous day and night stoking, is necessary if the hot-water pipes are to be relied upon.


Regard has been had to the important consideration that the primary aim of the Institution is the cure of the patients, and every endeavour has been made, and will be maintained, to furnish all available means for bringing about cure in recoverable cases. In this way it is believed that the confidence of the public will be promoted, and patients sent for treatment on the first manifestations of symptoms of mental disease.


The committee has also pleasure in reporting that the conduct of the subordinate staff has been in general very satisfactory.